Marketta Winery in Napa, a one-of-a-kind Burgundy- style winery in California, bears the name of its owner and winemaker Marketta Fourmeaux of Finland and France. “This is my third winery, and, as they say: last but certainly not least.

With current production of less than 500 cases per year, the wines are exclusively available via direct contact with the winery or in selected fine restaurants. I came to California as an in the 1980’s. I was able to realize the passion of my life becoming an entrepreneur-winemaker which in France would not have been possible. After so many wonderful years of hard work with successes, challenges and hurdles: the epitome of the American dream.

It is time for me to give back. Every one of my activities is linked to a charitable purpose. The reward is to continue to do what I love and simply to receive the joy of giving. Now read ‘the rest of the story’ and Welcome to our Wine Family!“ Marketta Winery was established in 2008 as a city cellar winery in historic downtown Napa by Marketta Fourmeaux — original founder/owner and winemaker for Chateau Potelle.

This is Marketta’s third winery creation and her first as a sole proprietor. Her wine series, produced in small quantities of 100-200 cases each, are hand-crafted Vins du Terroir—wines that express the nature of the vineyard. Each wine is constructed with natural yeast fermentation and a minimum of technical intervention, avoiding the use of filtration to ensure that the wines retain their natural intensity and texture.