Our Wines

Marketta’s Mount Veeder Bordeaux Blend comes from estate vineyards on Mount Veeder, an appellation she sought out in 1987 for its moderate climate and well-drained, stony soils that yield small berries of intense concentrations and great depth of color, tannin and flavor. She was a major player in developing the reputation of the Mount Veeder Appellation to its current level.

I set aside a small portion of my 2006 Bordeaux Blend as it had all the elements to develop to a magnificent wine with extended aging. Today this wine is compared to the French Bordeaux First Growths, 20 times the price of this wine. I am happy I gave it these years to develop. Now it is ready for you. Enjoy!

The Chardonnay grows on the western hillsides of the Napa Valley; Mount Veeder Appellation and below the Appellation line. These locations allow the grapes to get the morning sun and protect them from the afternoon heat which maintains the good acidity and develops complex and fresh flavors.

I search the natural and authentic in all my winemaking. These grapes are organically grown and I make them with natural yeast fermentation. This means for you: absence of chemicals, additives, pesticides….It does not tell this on the label, but taste this wine: it is all in the bottle!

The Sauvignon Blanc comes from the estate single vineyard in the Pope Valley region of Napa Valley that she planted for an absentee owner. In the 1980’s she had already identified this area for its microclimate that best suited her vision of the style of Sauvignon Blanc —elegant and well balanced with delicate fruit in perfect harmony with the varietal character.

My current vintage is 2009. Many would say that it must be too old. Little do they know. It is the time in the bottle that makes this wine exceptional. That is when the wine gains its greatest improvement. This wine has lovely years ahead of it: my 2007 is even better!